Electrical Metering for Linemen and Techicians



This basic Metering for Linemen web site is not intended for the experienced meter technician. It is intended to be used as a reference book for electrical lineman that must occasionally install and maintain electrical watt-hour metering.

The focus of this electrical metering web site is on the informational support for the electrical metering diagrams. Watt-hour metering diagrams have little meaning without a basic understanding of nameplate meter information, Blondel’s Theorem, instrument transformer theory, equipment sizing calculations, etc… Furthermore, each metering diagram is preceded by a narrative that includes purpose, key points for metering, and common mistakes.

In recent years metering manufacturers have discontinued publishing metering books for the industry. While several other excellent metering books are available, most are too comprehensive and complex for the occasional user. Every effort has been made to produce this Metering for Linemen web site without the use of technical gibberish. Wherever possible, simple rule of thumb calculations have been included.

Since the introduction of electronics into the watt-hour metering industry in the early 1970’s, many dramatic changes have occurred. However, the importance of the basic metering principles taught throughout this web site has not diminished.

*Information on this web site should not be used exclusively.  Additional knowledge, safety procedures, and expertise should be sought when working with electrical energy.  The information on this web site should only be used as a supplement to other electrical metering sources.  User of the information contained on this web site should assume all risks for safety and electrical revenue loss.  The information contained on this web site is only a minimum guide for electrical metering principles.